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A dual education system combines apprenticeships in a company and education at a vocational school or university. The reference to this system differs from country to country: dual system, apprentisage, or wider concepts like coop-education or work integrated learning. This model allows courses with academic learning at university that alternates with work experience in the company: it’s a training process which involves 3 actors that are the apprentice, his mentor in the company and tutor from the training center.

The Dual system in Higher Education still presents many challenges to be faced for its development and implementation at national and European level. The members of the network have accumulated experience in this field, as most of them are already providing programs that combine theory and practical experience at enterprises related to the field of studies. The network believes that best practices, knowledge, as well as challenges, must be shared among stakeholders of the field, (universities, enterprises, governments, professionals, etc), in order to create innovative programs that shorten the bridge between the business and academic world.

The top goals of the Network are:

  • To internationalize the programs (students and staff mobility)
  • To set an European platform
  • To find partners
  • To ensure sustainability
  • To do master degrees
  • To have a better legal framework
  • To sensitize people to coop training, i.e. institutional structures, students, companies

The main tasks of this European network are:

  • Helping other institutions to stablish co-op studies
  • Advising
  • Internazionalitation (staff mobility/ student mobility /joint educational projects … )
  • Sharing best practices
  • Accreditation issues


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