7th Training for Teaching Staff

Event description: there are two main objectives in this training:

  • to show to the staff of other institutions the last Basque steps related to dual studies and the working procedures related to dual studies at Ingeniaritza Duala Unibertsitate Eskola (IMH) with their peculiarities and best good cases

General background of the institution, the program of selected studies (design and organization, teaching-learning process, quality and continuous improvements, key indicators, pedagogy, internationalization…), interviews with mentors at companies, teacher-professor, students, ex-alumni, and several visits to companies in which the students do their alternance part.

  • to involve new partners in the network

 Introduction, presentation of basic varieties of coop / our initiatives, visit to company, presentation of policy manual and implementation resources, idea of network.

Target group: dean, teacher, administratives, researchers… involved or interested in Cooperative Work Integrated in Higher Education

The 7th training for teaching staff will be divided in two different parts consortium internal training and open to the public training.

Dates: 25- 27 June 2017 (go into detail about Ingeniaritza Duala Unibertsitate Eskola (IMH) model and Basque/Sapnish background)

Dates: 28-29 June 2017 (interested in developing this type of model, in the network…)


Fundación para la formación técnica en máquina-herramienta, Azkue auzoa 1, 20870 Elgoibar (Spain)

Carlos Santa Maria (UPV/EHU), Plaza de Elhuyar 2, 20018 Donostia (Spain)


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