In order to support the impact of the project, substantial attention will be on the dissemination of the results through different channels, both academically as policy related.

The needs and goals of the projects have been disseminated through international or national conferences, institutional visits of policymakers, visits of/to other universities and companies…

To support the dissemination effort and in order to keep a high level of corporate identity and coherent visibilitya  leaflet and some templates for presentations and documents are made available to the consortium. Copies of the leaflet will be distributed in all the events in which members of the consortium will participate during the project duration.

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Dissemination in CWIHE project trainings

  • Högskolan Väst, Trollhättan (Sweden)
    • June 1, 2016: Engineering department
  • FH Joanneum, Graz (Austria)
    • September 15-16, 2016: Workshop with external universities participants
      • Politehnika Pula (Croatia): 3 participants
      • Invitation, interested but coud not attend:
        • Universidad de Almeria
        • Universidade do Oporto
  • IMH, Elgoibar (Spain)
    • June 28-29, 2017: Workshop with external universities participants
      • Universidad de Almeria (Spain)
      • Universitat de Girona (Spain)

Mobility activities

  • Students mobility: study period
    • FH Joanneum –> Högskolan Väst
  • Students mobility: traineeship (work placement)
    • IMH –> Formasup
  • Staff mobility: training period
    • IMH –> DHBW

Institutional visits of policymakers


Participation at conferences and meetings


Internal meetings

  • PIMEC (Pequeña y Mediana Empresa de Cataluña) at PIMEC Lleida local office (Spain)(May 25, 2016)
  • Meeting Novia University (Finland) at Universitat de Lleida (Spain) (April 20, 2016)


Contact with other Networks