Letter of Intent

European Network of Cooperative Work Integrated Higher Education (CWIHE)



Who are we: We are a consortium of European Universities that is developing a framework for dual higher education in Europe. The seven current members of the network are experts in dual education and providing programs that combine theory and practical work experience. The network believes that best practices, knowledge and challenges, must be shared among stakeholders of the field (including universities, employers, employees, government), in order to create innovative programs that shorten the bridge between the professional and academic world.

Our Goal: To develop a strong Europe-wide, dual education framework.


  • To internationalize CWIHE programs through student and staff mobility, including at the MS and PhD levels.
  • To build a broad-based European framework that incorporates the best practices for dual education across participating partners.
  • To provide cross-country models for meeting the legal requirements of the dual education framework within the EU.
  • To promote dual educational training models through outreach to educational institutions, students, companies and government.

What we provide:

  • Sharing good practices.
  • Assistance/advice each other with developing and establishing new dual education modalities.
  • Assistance/advice each other with dual education accreditation.
  • Internationalization of dual education through staff mobility, student mobility and joint educational projects.

For Information Contact:

Iturbe Zabalo, Edurne: iturbe@imh.eus
Johansson, Kristina: Kristina.Johansson@hv.se