1. The biggest difficulty we have to offer academic mobility to our students at Dual Engineering School of IMH is the rhythm established between universities and company. Our students typically spend 3 days per week at the company (generally they maintain the same company during the 4 years of the Bachelor degree) and 2 days at the university. This makes impossible to travel to another university for an academic mobility in a conventional semester.

    Academic mobility could be a possibility if there is this type duality education in another country where the students company of origin has a plant or subsidiary there and is interested to send him/her there for the entire academic year.

    To give the chance to our students to have international mobility we have included mobility with curricular practices rather than academic mobility. All students must go abroad for 12 weeks to another company, subsidiary, supplier, customer… where students have the chance to live this experience of going abroad.

  2. Interesting conference coming up!


    Raising awareness for the societal role of engineering
    Engineering plays a central role in modern life to the extent that it even shapes our worldviews. Every aspect of our daily life is shot through with technology that significantly defines our relation-ships to ourselves, each other, and the natural world. A UNESCO report, published already in 2010, affirms the role of engineering as the driver of innovation, social and economic development, but stresses also the need to transform engineering education, its curricula and teaching methods to emphasize user relevance, user involvement, user testing and a strong problem-solving approach.


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